Our past actions have consequences.  Loosely, these consequences are called Karma.  So we have good and bad karma that we cannot escape from.  When we encounter good karma - let us share with others, let us put it to good use in helping others and let us not get attached to the good things. When we encounter bad karma, let us not give up, let us persist till it is worked out.  To work it out, we need to use actions that counter the bad karma, with the help of spiritual techniques.

To reflect on this point, here is a passage from our book - Reiki Raja Yoga 

" Some secrets definitely echo through time. The world as we see it today is simply a reflection of your past. The manner in which you act today will create your future. Every single thing that you are experiencing at this moment is what karma wants you to experience. Every thought, feeling, and action has been created especially for you just so that you can learn from your past.  The compact disk (CD) of your life has already been recorded based on your past karma; it is just played through the player of life."

Karma is neither a reward or a punishment system.  But it is us who choose what it is through our actions.

- Rajesh Mohan