Dear seekers, it gives me great happiness to announce the launch of our new Reiki music. Our new Reiki music is called "Reiki Healing Affirmations". There was a need for a track which could guide the Reiki practitioner through each point to be healed in the Reiki touch healing sequence as well as to help understand the psychosomatic significance of each point. According to Reiki, each point being touched by the Reiki channel is an energy center or chakra. Each center generates, stores and projects a specific energy that affects certain specific experiences in our life. For example, the chakras in Kidneys have the energy of managing our relationships. If there are blocks in our Kidney chakras, we will face relationship issues in life. These relationship issues will then start interacting further with the already existing energy blocks and may eventually create physical disease such as formation of a stone in the Kidneys. Reiki masters have believed that anything and everything can be healed given sufficient Reiki. Therefore, if the Kidney chakras are provided sufficient Reiki, any abnormal problems with our relationships with others will be healed; our relationships will become harmonious. "Reiki Healing Affirmations" has been created with this principle in mind. In this music, I walk you through the thirty three (33) Reiki points to be healed in the body and implant a set of positive affirmations in each chakra so that the listener and practitioner can achieve balance in life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, happiness, joy and spiritual progress. In addition, using some of he highest Reiki techniques and by the Grace of Reiki, I have empowered this music to immediately start bringing positive changes in the aura, mind and the life of the faithful listener. A free preview of the music is available on our download page where you can directly download this music and benefit from it right away. All the best, Shailesh