The 2012 spiritual retreat is an immersion into the power of Divine Will and the power of Divine Grace. It is an opportunity to get connected to the integrated path of Reiki and Raja Yoga.

 Masters Shailesh and Parul and the advanced initiates of the Divine Heart Center will be present to work with you to help you go deeper into your meditation, strengthen your practice, learn new techniques, be healed and go deeper into your self. For existing initiates, it is also an opportunity to find exclusive time to meditate and practice. We are working on arranging babysitting during day time, so you can focus on your spiritual techniques. Healthy vegetarian meals are an added treat. 


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DHC initiates, the Retreat flyer is attached below (login required to view) for you to print and display. Please print in good quality in a reasonable size to preserve the spirit of the Divine Heart Center. 

 Sample accomodation photos:-