The blessings of Divine and the blessings & guidance of Guru are there with every disciple. We have to develop unshakable faith in the teachings and techniques are given to us by our Guru.

After receiving my first Initiation in 2001, I started practicing the techniques and meditations. I used to call GuruJi(Late Shri Vijay Bansal) for guidance and sometimes visit Agra to see him (blessed moments). As I was progressing slowly on the path, I found discussions with my dear friend (advance initiate of Sir) helped me a lot. We used to share our experiences and discuss about teachings of our great Master.

When I saw the messages about the Divine Heart Center - Sakha Program, it immediately reminded me of the moments back in 2001-2002 (until I was in Delhi before moving to the UK). It was very helpful to me and has cemented the foundations for a regular practice and the following of the teachings.

I would encourage initiates to discuss and share experiences with their Sakhas(Spiritual Friend), so we all can benefit from it and progress towards our ultimate goals.

-- Akhil Shrivastava