Sometimes I can’t help but notice the many creative ways with which the Divine comes up in order to uplift the energies of a struggling world now bearing the economical aftermath of man’s ignorant greed for money and power. Divine’s way of working are unique and His thinking is always “out of the box”. Sometimes He works through the visions of great leaders and other times he works through the inspiration of the artists. 

The phrase “Jai Ho” has become quite popular by the “Jai Ho” song in the Academy Award winning movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. It won eight Academy Awards. I enjoyed the movie as well for multiple reasons. 

One day, in a post meditation contemplative state, in my vision I saw the phrase “Jai Ho” disintegrate into its individual Sanskrit (or Hindi) characters “Ja, Ya, Ha, O”. Then the energy pattern generated by each character started revealing itself. 

In the scriptures of Yoga, there is an explanation of “beej” mantras or seed sounds. Each chakra has a seed sound that can be used to activate the energy of that chakra. “Beej” mantras are very powerful and their use should be done under the supervision of a knowledgeable Master. Each chakra has a core “beej” mantra and multiple adjunct “beej” mantras which are shown as petals of the chakra. 

The literal Sanskrit and Hindi meaning of “Jai Ho” is, “let there be victory!” or “be victorious!”

 To understand the energy pattern created by “Jai Ho”, one must understand the seed sounds created by each of its Sanskrit characters –Ja, Ya, Ha, and O.

 “Jummm” is an adjunct seed mantra of the Heart Chakra. To test this you can chant naturally “Jummm”. You will feel a strong vibration in your chest area which is the seat of the Heart Chakra. “Jummm” is the seed sound of movement. When chanted it creates a movement in the energy of the heart chakra and the aura in general. 

“Yummm” is the core seed sound of the Heart Chakra. Again, to test this chant “Yummm”. Be natural. You must have noticed when kids (and grownups alike) like their food they say “Yum, Yum”- because the delicious food gives them joy and “Yum, Yum” comes out naturally. “Yummm” creates one of the energies of the spectrum of Joy. 

“Hummm” is the seed sound of the throat chakra. “Ha!” is also the sound that dispels doubt and fear. It has somewhat of a pushing (outward or upward) effect. “Ooommm” is the seed sound of the third eye chakra. 

Putting it together, the phrase “Jai Ho” or “Ja, Ya, H, OOOO” when said from the heart sets into motion an uplifting energy of Joy, which pushes up to the throat chakra dispelling doubt and fear and charges our brain/third eye area or is directed to the subject for whom “Jai Ho” is being chanted for. 

No wonder that this phrase is used in Indian temples and before the brave soldiers go to the frontier to protect their motherland. One can almost go into a trance by chanting this phrase repeatedly – one’s hands will automatically lift up in the air and the heart will open up.

 The utterance of this phrase uplifts the speaker and those around emotionally and spiritually. Needless to say, it is no coincidence that this phrase has gained popularity in the west today by means of an inspired song. The world is in dire need of this uplifting energy! 

Guru Gorakshnath Ki Jai Ho! 

Sai ki Jai Ho! 

Jai Ho!