Often we are so busy with daily life that we forget the bigger picture. So what is the bigger picture. Question comes to mind why we do what we do on daily basis or what is it that We want. This want is different for different people. Ask a kid they will say toys or games. Ask an adult they would say money, health, better relationship, better business/job, etc.
Since the wants are so many and varies per individual, how about we look at how we feel once a want is fulfilled. What is our state of mind at that instance. Do we feel happy, joyous and satisfied/ fulfilled? 
In most cases we feel happy and joyous. Then what it seems is that most of us are really seeking happiness and joy. One more thing is clear that all the actions we are taking daily translate to achieving happiness and joy on daily basis.
What we seek daily for rest of our life becomes our purpose of life. 
If our purpose of life is to be happy and joyous, then why are we achieving that thru such complex means. Also question the means/tool/ vehicle that you are using. Is it working out for you? Will it give you permanent happiness or just a temporary happiness?

This is our mission at Divine Heart Center. We help you achieve "Permanent Happiness".