Around 4th July I was visiting my Guru Shailesh and his family. It was a hot summer day, we all had come back from an

outdoor trip with my Guru. After a nice lunch I felt like taking a nap. I went upstairs to the guest room to sleep. I

probably went to deep sleep right away and was sleeping like a baby. After a while, I heard an alarming voice calling out

my name. I woke up, there was no one in the room. I could not fall asleep and there was an inner urge forcing me to go

downstairs. After couple of toss and turns I finally got up and went downstairs.

All the members of both the families were in the family room and was watching a documentary. I went and sat beside my Guru.

I shared with him the fresh experience I had. Shailesh, mentioned that he had called me downstairs. I was puzzled if he

was upstairs or did he gave a call from downstairs. My wife answered that no one had left the room and they all had been

watching the documentary. She also mentioned, Shailesh wanted me to watch the documentary. I first thought they were joking,

none of them made any comment and continued to watch the documentary.

Next day again I asked my wife about it. She told me that as the documentary started, Shailesh had mentioned that I should

watch it as well. It was my Guru's intention which was so strong that just by his intention, not only I heard his voice so

clear to wake me up from deep sleep but also put a thought in my mind to go downstairs and sit with him.