Dear initiates, seekers and friends, 

With the holistic growth of the seekers in mind, Divine Heart Center is pleased to announce their first series of Vinayasa Flow Yoga classes. Experienced Yoga instructor Caitlin Magidson will be working with the Divine Heart Center to bring to the seekers a curriculum that will build flexibility and discipline in the body and the breath which will in turn help the seekers in the deeper meditative practices taught by Grandmaster Shailesh. 

The spiritual energy that's present in the Divine Heart Center will nourish your aura body while the practice of Vinayasa will strengthen you body and your breath. What a wonderful experience! 

The classes will be held at our Sudbury, MA center located at 111 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 Unit 210. We are initially offering classes every Wednesday evening from 7.15 pm till 8.15 pm. Private lessons are also available. Please email for more details. 

As always our focus is small groups, so the space is limited. You can register for the classes in advance by clicking here. Please forward this information to those who may be interested. 

About the Vinyasa Yoga Class 

This Vinyasa class offers students of all ages and fitness levels an energizing yet relaxing practice that integrates breath with movement. Flow through 60 minutes of fundamental, fluid asanas that build strength, increase flexibility, improve focus and promote balance. Modifications and hands-on adjustments are offered to ensure proper alignment and stability of all students. Come to class with an open heart and an open mind to begin your journey. 

About the instructor 

Caitlin began practicing Vinyasa yoga 12 years ago while living in northwest Indiana. Her practice evolved tremendously when she moved to Chicago, IL and continues to grow today in Massachusetts. She always found solace in athleticism, especially when paired with music. From dance to kickboxing and Taekwondo, if it promoted good health, Caitlin would try it. Initially, she was attracted to the physical benefits of yoga and how it complemented her active lifestyle. As time progressed, however, she discovered the deeper meanings of her practice and cherished the tranquility, clarity and freedom it brought to every aspect of her life. 

In Chicago, Caitlin started a personalized yoga practice, where she catered to the individual needs of her students through a customized approach in both sequence and nutritional programming and offered such services in the comfort of students’ homes and offices. She gained a lot of experience teaching wellness workshops that included meditation and tai chi and continues to grow her practice to encompass multiple disciplines of yoga philosophy and mythology. 

Above all, Caitlin is passionate about sharing yoga and all its holistic benefits with the world. With each class she teaches, Caitlin invites students to open up to the possibilities, embrace the present moment and take the lessons that are learned on the mat with them into their everyday lives.