Dear initiates, seekers & friends, 

The Divine Heart Center team has planned many spiritual events this year to help you evolve spiritually. 

The practice of Reiki Raja Yoga is life transforming. It works for everyone. It works for executives, businessmen, housewives, professionals and other people of all ages. The power behind Divine Heart Center Reiki Raja Yoga is the Gurus who channel the highly potent energies of transformation such that the initiate works our their Karma rapidly and safely. In the Gurus' presence, spiritual transformation is accelerated. This experience is not possible just by reading books or browsing the internet for spiritual guidance and remedies. 

Divine Heart Center is here to help you progress through the seven stages of spiritual realization with more than 51 meditation techniques laid out in a planned curriculum, including more than 7 intense "pranayamas" and more than 20 powerful Reiki techniques. This practice is suitable for seekers who can dedicate five minutes a day as well as for advanced yogis who want to practice for many hours at a stretch. Many techniques are directly revealed by Divine to the Gurus of the Divine Heart Center. Each stage expands the initiate's consciousness further and increases the initiate's spiritual energy to guide him or her to be one with the Holy Absolute - the ultimate purpose of life. 

Our key events are listed below. In addition, we offer private consultation sessions for yoga, healing, spiritual guidance on life's decisions, vaastu and other spiritual matters.

List of Divine Heart Center 2014 Events
Event Date Description Registration
Weekly Meditation Sessions in MA, NY/NJ, VA and Toronto,ON See our
events calendar and our meetup groups for dates.
Our meditation sessions allow new seekers to learn meditation and initiates to keep their practice up-to-date.

Fairfax, VA Seminar February 21 - 23

Friday, Feb 21 8 PM: Free satsang (awareness session)

Saturday, Feb 22 10 AM - evening: Reiki Raja Yoga Seminar

Sunday, Feb 23 10 AM - noon: Advanced seminar

Toronto, ON Seminar

March 29-30 Reiki Raja Yoga Seminar
2014 Summer Reiki Raja Yoga Retreat, Pocono Manor, PA June 27-29

An experiential immersion into Reiki Raja Yoga. Experience spontaneous transformation. Learn Reiki Raja Yoga - the executive style of Yoga. Certification available. Early Bird discounted registration is open.

2014 Himalayan Spiritual Trek September 4th week

Spend 7 days in India absorbing the spiritual vibration  of the Himalayan foothills where the Yogis have meditated since time immemorial. Our group will meditate in Rishikesh and visit the valley of flowers, Haridwar, Rudraprayag and other spiritual hot spots. Limited seats are available for this intense yet comfortable excursion.

"Devotedly with a pure heart,
 who so ever comes to Rishikesh, 
the Brahmteertha, (the supreme pilgrimage)
 and stays one night, becomes absorbed in God."

Seats are limited to allow us to keep the logistics simple for this international trek. Please email us today and reserve your spot with a $250 deposit.

These events are our effort to bring authentic spirituality to you at a time when Yoga shops are in every corner but the transformational experience is still rare. We hope that you can make time in your busy schedule to attend and benefit from these energizing events. Please forward this message to those who are seeking spiritual transformation. 
"Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now." - Swami Shri Yukhestwar Giri. 
The Divine Team @ DHC 
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