Dear Seeker, 

This year's summer Reiki Raja Yoga (USA) retreat will be held in Pocono Manor in PA. This location has been selected so that seekers from all over the US East Coast and Canada can find it reasonably convenient to attend. The dates of the retreat have been chosen to allow parents to bring their families to the retreat during the school vacation week. We are expecting beautiful summer weather during this time in the scenic Poconos region. 

Each Divine Heart Center retreat is more powerful and spiritually transforming than the previous one. Especially for the attendees who have attended the previous retreats. Healing of the soul, the mind, the aura and the body is a cumulative process. Each healing session builds upon the energy of the prior session. Each successive retreat continues the deep cleansing of the seeker's Karma till all the energy blocks to one's happiness and self- realization are removed. 

The Divine Heart Center retreats, due to their flexible format, are ideal for beginners and advanced initiates alike. If you are an advanced Yogi, you will find plenty of opportunity to perform longer and deeper meditations. If you are a beginner or haven't been able to keep up with the practice, the retreats provide an excellent time and space to reconnect with the practice. 

Reiki is the power of Divine Grace. It is the Holy Absolute's personal power. It is the Absolute's true and only nature. Through initiation into the spiritual practice of Reiki, this Grace starts flowing into our being within and our life outside. This Grace, through regular practice, can dissolve all unhappiness inside us - be it stress, disease, material discomfort or any other suffering. 

The practice of Raja or "Royal" Yoga strengthens our positive will power by purifying and increasing the force of life within us. In today's world, each day is a struggle of keeping oneself positively energized. Everyday realities such as unhealthy competition, the race for money, processed food, pollution, negative thoughts and excess fear constantly consume and weaken our life force. So much so that an average mind can't even think positive thoughts, let alone think about eternal happiness and self-realization. The restorative practices of Raja Yoga go beyond the physical postures into deeper meditative breathing, vibration and attention practices that rejuvenate the life-force in the seeker and deliver the seeker from the darkness of a dull mind into the assuring brightness of the soul-infused mind. 

The two powers, those of Divine Grace and Divine Will, when accepted by the seeker, act as the rocket fuel for spiritual transformation. The seeker experiences oneself as free and joyful awareness which is full of life. This is the transformation that is regularly experienced at the Divine Heart Center Reiki Raja Yoga retreats. The retreats are led by internationally known Reiki Raja Yoga Grand master Shailesh and the masters of Divine Heart Center. The masters' physical presence creates spontaneous spiritual experiences which would otherwise take many months to earn through practice. 

The opportunities to exhaust our good Karma are many. The opportunities to refine our Karma are few. 

Divine Heart Center invites you into the realm of the executive Yogis. Register for the retreat at your earliest convenience. 

Learn the royal style of self-healing and self-realization 

Become certified in Reiki Raja Yoga (Level 2 certification) 

Heal the 33 energy points to heal your Karma 

Learns the secrets of Reiki, Kriya, Kundalini, Mantra and Laya Yoga 

Learn to heal across time and space 

Support for cancer, addictions, stress, career, relationships 

A path towards self-realization 

Can be practiced by anyone, anytime and anywhere 

Early Bird Registration is our best rate for the retreat. Early Bird Registration is open till March 31st. The registration closes on June 15. If you are registering after June 15, please make sure you get an email confirmation from us after you have registered. 

Retreat format: 

Friday June 27: Check-in begins at 10 am. Retreat starts at 2 pm and continues till 9 pm 

Saturday June 28: 8 am - 9 pm 

Sunday June 29: 9 am - 11 am 

The rates include 2 nights stay and 6 vegetarian meals and snacks. Accommodations provided are simple but reasonably comfortable. All rooms have a private bath. 

During checkout you can specify any special needs. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions. If you have a special registration need that is not met by the form above, please email us and we will directly register you. Following these instructions will help with our planning and help us take better care of you.


The retreat will be held at the beautiful Inn at Pocono Manor 

The address is: 1 Manor Dr, Pocono Manor, PA 18349 



Please plan on arriving between 11 am and 12 noon Eastern Time on Friday, June 27 and departing around noon on Sunday, June 29 

Aum. Prem. Brham.