It is unfortunate to see naive seekers indiscriminately buying salt lamps, bamboo plants and things of that nature to either cleanse them or to manifest abundance. Salt lamps attract negativity and bamboo plants, if not kept properly, create stagnation and haphazard growth which can be harmful. Most establishments that I have gone to which had a salt lamp present actually had negative energy because the salt lamp, after having accumulated negativity for some time, had become the source of negativity. Unfortunately, naive seekers and their half-informed teachers are very quick to adopt objects that promise relief without having the insight and mental rigor to understand the proper use of healing objects. No wonder, therefore, we have so many yoga instructors, book trained meditation teachers and healers; and yet it is rare to find seekers who are making real progress towards self realization. This ignorance, while it makes yoga appear as becoming popular, is actually a set back in terms for humanity’s spiritual progress as a whole.