As professionals in a busy corporate world we respect and embrace rules and order as they help us to be organized and efficient. Rules become our second nature and we thrive in a predictable, organized environment that we can control. We think through, plan, control and execute with success. Predicted results bring happiness, joy and peace in our life.


But what happens to us  -

    - When we are not in control?
    - When we are overwhelmed with multiple tasks and issues that we have to fix at the same time?


      We fear chaos as we don’t have control over it and can’t predict the outcome. This brings frustration, irritation and stress to our life.

      But what if we take a moment to reflect and understand what chaos is? Chaos refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos. Chaos was the first thing to exist before the material world was manifested. It is important to have an order, but even more important to have chaos -  as it is the beginning and realm of Maya that we live in. Maya is the power by which the universe manifests, the illusion or the appearance of the phenomenal world.

      The best way to deal with Chaos is to respect it. Understand that this is a natural stage of existence and without chaos, there is no order, no creativity, no invention and no destruction of old rules.

      As you find yourself in chaos and getting upset, worried or frustrated - Take a pause. Reflect and absorb. Remind yourself that you are not in control of everything. It is the Supreme Power that rules chaos. Surrender and appreciate, do not resist. Let it go. Take a few deep breaths and reflect that your happiness and joy is the most important.

      If you are calm and open to work with chaos, things fall into place. Request your mind to stop thinking about multiple things at the same time and Focus. Choose the most important and urgent task that you think you can do first. Do your best, but don’t expect perfection. Develop an attitude of Non-Attachment.
      Remember – you don’t control the result, you only control your attitude and actions. As people see you calm and happy, they will tab into your energy and will start working well with you.

      I have tried this technique many times and it works like magic.

      "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles" - Buddha Quotes on Life
      Natasha Dardan