Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah (Aum and salutations to Shri Ganesha) Salutations to the Gurus and God 

 Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends, 

By the Grace of the Gurus and God, it gives us immense happiness to announce the introduction of Divine Heart Center's second spiritual album titled "Aum Prem Brham". 

This is a chant for Karmic Healing. 

Aum Prem Brham - Chant for Karmic HealingAum is spiritual power, Prem is spiritual love. Both are important. If one has any desire to self realize, one needs to be saturated in both. Aum burns away negativity. Prem soothes the burning, so that more healing can happen. Aum Prem chant is important for achieving balance. Brham is, of course, the Eternal Holy Absolute about whom no explanation will suffice. 

The path of Shakti generates Aum, the path of Bhakti espouses Prem. These paths need to be combined. This combination, which accelerates self healing and self realization, is Divine Heart Center's offering to the spiritual seekers. 

Play this chant when you feel out of balance or burdened. Play it anytime it is convenient for you. This chant will uplift you and balance you. 

The digital download is available right now from CDBaby at 


Shailesh, Parul & the DHC Team 

Note: Physical CDs will be available from the CDBaby and websites in a couple of weeks. iTunes and Amazon Mp3 should have the album for download in a few weeks. Just in the time for the Holidays!