In Jagadamba's womb of relativity, 

He is the only direct reality. 

Truly, He has no definition. 

So He appears as needed by the intense seeker.

Eternally, He is the absolute infinitely potent void of inward pulling magnetic gravity bliss as Brham-ananda, 

called Param-Brham. (definition failed again) 

Personally, He is the permananent stable no pressure expansive free-floating Karma free,hence, pure soft bliss of Param-ananda, 

called Shree Param-Brham. 

When I call Him Param-Brham He becomes the absolute potent void. 

When I address Him as Shree Param-Brham He becomes the form. 

Nirakar or formless, or Sakaar in a form, is just a matter of how you call out to Him. 

He is the Baba because He is eternal and, therefore, the oldest of us all. 

He is the Balak because He is eternal and, therefore, doesn't age. 

He is the Maha-avatar because He is the quintessence of every Avatar. 

When His consciousness is at rest He is the Baba, the Father. 

When His consciousness is in motion He is the Mata, the Mother. 

When Baba meditates inwardly, He becomes Brham - the absolute. 

Got it? If not, then please contact God directly.