Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends, 

 Divine Heart Center wishes you a very Happy Diwali! 

 May the energies of wisdom, prosperity and achievement multiply in the personal aura and the household of the deserving. 

 Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated on the moonless light of “Amavasya” to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama - enlightened consciousness along with Mother Sita – kundalini power, brother Lord Lakshmana - the one-pointed mind, Shree Hanuman – ego-less mind after their victory over Ravana – the lost mind. 

 Lord Rama’s kingdom to which He returns is “Ayodhya” which means that which doesn’t need war or that which is invincible. 

 This Diwali resolve to become energetic and enlightened as the lamp that is lighted during Diwali – let there be no room for darkness either within you or outside you. 

 All the best, 

Once again, Happy Diwali! 

 Shailesh & Parul