I am sure that there is a scientific reason behind the falling of the birds from the sky and other incidents of wildlife deaths. Such incidents of mass deaths of wildlife have been reported before. What alerts me this time is that many such incidents have happened in a short span of a few days and in different areas of the world. What makes me sad is seeing the photos of the dead birds. I am actually surprised that very few people have expressed sadness over these deaths. Their minds are busy thinking whether it is apocalypse or not!

 Spiritually, we know that mother earth is going through some changes which will continue till 2012 and ,may be, beyond as well. There is a change happening in the earth's environment (and magnetic field) which is both material and spiritual in nature. As I have said earlier, no the world will not end in 2012, but yes there are chances and indications of a "soft reset". 

Spiritual masters all over the world have worked behind the scenes, and publicly, for past so many years to help mankind avoid the third world war, become conscious of their environment, and become spiritually aware and responsible. 

I am confident that these efforts have not been wasted. Of course, these efforts are still ongoing. 

Hopefully, this transition will be as smooth as a dream.