Divine Heart Center wishes everyone a very happy new year 2011! 

Divine is gaining speed with every passing year. 

Last year, by Divine grace we launched a new website and our first meditation CD. More importantly, by Divine grace, we initiated a few advanced initiates to Spiritual Level 5 and initiated a Spiritual Master. This is a significant achievement in the spiritual realm. These Level 5 initiates have toiled hard within themselves while still living in their external world. While their inner battle wounds cannot be seen, their inner victories will become evident in the coming years. 

I sincerely hope that with every spiritual achievement, these initiates become more humble and more confident. 

Last year was also another year for further refinement within my own self. In my obsessive pursuit to repeatedly ensure that we are giving our initiates truth and nothing but the truth, I met masters of the Bhakti Yoga and Kriya Yoga traditions. I validated that the techniques that my Guru Shri Vijay Bansal transmitted to me, and the further realizations that the sheer grace and greatness of the Holy Absolute conferred upon me, not only match the deepest realizations of the most revered Masters, but also exceed them in many cases. 

By Divine Grace and by Divine Will, we received feedback from the initiates of cancer and tumors being healed much to the Doctors’ surprise, elusive allergies being healed to a great extent, bitter marital relationships stabilizing and, of course, spiritual transformations happening within the initiates who reported that beyond experiencing heightened intuition, gauging energy levels, hearing the AUM, seeing the visions and light of pure consciousness – they experienced an increasing peace, stability and joy. 

Last year, my increasingly intense question to the Holy Absolute was, “Param Brahm, who are we? Are we Reiki channels, Bhakti Yogis, Kriya Yogis, Kabbalists, Sufis, Christian Mystics, or Buddhists? What do you want of us?” The Holy Absolute’s answer was precise and clear, “Shailesh, your initiates are the Brahmarthis -those whose meaning and purpose is the Brahm”. This is a word that I had not heard from the pundits or the yogis before. This is the new race of seekers emerging who use multiple means to find Brahm or the Holy Absolute within themselves and in their lives. In doing so, they (the Brahmarthis) cross the barriers of dogmas, techniques, sects, religion and everything else, being guided just by their inspired intensity to find Brahm or God in His original state. 

All, or at least most of, my intellectual pursuits have now stopped because the Holy Absolute has answered my fundamental questions. 

I also realized that even after all these years, my expanded but still very limited mind was coming in the way of the God. So this year, I hope I let my puny mind get out of the way of God and let Him flow through while still being able to help my wife with the dishes! 

So let the Divine speed up to the 6th gear in 2011. Humility and confidence are key to maintain this speed. 

 In 2011, let the legend of the “Brahmarthis” begin! 

 All the best,