Expressions 101:

The quality of the tainted ego is that it can not see beyond itself. A man who has not refined his ego will not even recognize God if, in fact, a form of God was standing in front of him.

One of my spiritual teachers once said, “You are God to the extent that you know God”. So by that precept you are Krishna to the extent that you know Krishna! How many of us then see a live God when we see an idol of Lord Krishna in the temple? How many of us see Jesus live crucified on the cross when we visit the Church? How many of us feel the live presence of God in the Holy books we have at our homes or at our places of worship? When we see an objectified representation of God, the most humble and connected amongst us feel the reverence that is associated with that object. But only a rare few see God’s live presence in that object; for most of us, our ego fails to admit that God is present in that object and everywhere else.
Most of the intelligent and ambitious men and women, who console themselves as being spiritually open, sadly serve their own expanded ego.
Break free from this bondage. Use the power of Will and the power of Devotion to tear apart the barriers of your own self so that you can notice the subtle selfishness of your own thoughts when you try to talk to God.
Burn everything within you in the invisible fire of Yoga - the good, the bad and the unattended. It doesn’t matter whether your outer self shines or suffers. What matters is that you continuously work on burning the egoistic buildup within you - your selfishness, fears, insecurities and limitations. Remember, yogi, you do this not to become a material success but to let the presence of the all pervading Brahm make home in the concept free emptiness of your inner self. Always ask, what are you trying to prove and who are trying to prove it to? And then one day that which is the cause of all the causes, the “nothing everything” paradox will reveal Himself to you.