Expressions 102: People often ask me how do I get the time to do the things that I do; to be a Spiritual Guru, a Yogi, a family man, a technologist and an entrepreneur; all at the same time. The answer is simple. God gives time. God gives energy.

Many people waste their lives thinking that they have to manage time but the truth is that, in the bigger scheme of things, you don’t manage time, Time manages you. Time and past Karma are two huge and overpowering forces in your life. If you are not spending time daily tuning into these two forces, you are wasting time. If you meditate deeply and perseveringly ask God, He will slowly adjust your life so that you can find time to do the things that fulfill you. You will still need to apply your own Karmic effort through your mind and body.

Besides time, the second thing you need to do anything is energy. Energy comes from purpose. If you have purpose in every action that you do, then every action will energize you. If you don’t have a purpose, then any action that you do will de-energize and eventually depress you because it will not have a meaning.
Each and every action of a Yogi is full of purpose. Those who have a higher purpose in life possess a priceless gem. The currency of dollars lasts only a lifetime but the currency of higher purpose propels you into higher realms even after you die on earth!
Brahm, the holy absolute, gave me the higher purpose of His own self early on in my childhood. Even today, every morning when I wake up, I see Brahm as an exciting, loving, engrossing and intriguing puzzle that is waiting to be solved at the next level; the joy of that solving (sadhna) keeps me charged all the time. The beauty of it is that the more you explore, the more Brham unfolds - the enigma and the attraction is never ending (anant). It is said, “Hari anant, Hari katha ananta”. It means God is endless and his glory is never ending. So there is no room for boredom.
Question yourself, what is the purpose of doing what you are doing? Are you just withering away in the arid existence of a purpose-less life or are you renewing yourself every moment with the energy and excitement of having purpose in everything you do?

Find a higher purpose. Make that purpose paramount in your life. You will see that a higher purpose will energize all aspects of your life - your spirituality, your career, your family, your other pursuits and your inner condition - and finally bring you face to face with the one who your heart has yearned for so many lifetimes.