Divine Heart Center organizes multiple meditation sessions every week. There are discussions during the sessions and the host answers the questions and provides guidance to the seekers on how to progress in their practice.


W/E  22-Sep-2019


The following topics were discussed during Advanced Meditation Session

Host - Grandmaster Shailesh

  • We focused on adjusting our Asana, on how one sits during meditation and balance the spine
  • We also focused on one or more complex issues of life and how to solve them by resting the awareness in the right way on a single problem or collective complexities of life. This process helps cut through the confusion caused by the complexity being faced and reaches its root cause and then uproots it from the root
  • We also started a new homework practice of “Ashtanga” yoga
  • We started with “yama”, the “don’ts and dos” in the path of Yoga. Within “yama” we will focus on one particular personality trait and observe it for the next two weeks with the intent of eliminating or balancing it.

W/E  29-Sep-2019


The following topics were discussed during Basic Meditation Session

Host - Grandmaster Shailesh 

  • We discussed that meditation is like a trip to the temple, so it has to be approached with the same reverence, excitement  and piety as entering a temple
  • Your asana is the entry into the temple of meditation followed by breath which is the prayer
  • Then we discussed the movement of Shiv and Shakti in the body and how our awareness is Shiv and thoughts and emotions become Shakti.
  • The asana is balanced on Root Chakra, the seat of Ganesha
  • We read a few paragraphs from the Bhagvad Gita about: 
    • It was interesting to read how even after Self Realization, prenatal and postnatal bad habits have to be overcome if one has to find happiness.


Aum Prem