The Divine Heart Center’s Fall 2012 Spiritual Retreat was held in Lewes, DE on the holiday weekend after Thanksgiving. Attended by select seekers from all over the US and Canada, attendees enjoyed hours of meditation, while learning innovative and advanced healing techniques. The Divine Heart Center took it a step further to ensure all in search of spiritual relief, knowledge and peace could participate by providing secure and fun-filled daycare provisions for those participants with children. Even, down to the cuisine, Divine Heart Center took every effort to bring peace to the minds, bodies and spirits of its seekers. The nutritious and aromatic vegetarian food served over the weekend, was conducive to the spiritual practice, enabling visitors to feel relieved, refreshed and energized. 

In this particular retreat, Grandmaster Shailesh also demonstrated the "no-mind" technique state where he projected the "blank state of mind" to attendees, allowing them an instant "live" experience of a state which is theoretically described in meditation books. Shailesh explains, “These practices offer a ‘soft reset’ to the mind, creating an oasis of light and energy in the retreat center, completely guarded from the hustle bustle, tensions and worries of the outside world.” 

Participants left the retreat with a sense of peace, increased energy, and practical healing methods they can apply to all aspects of their busy and stressful lives, enabling balanced success and lasting peace. 


NOTE: The Divine Heart Center 2013 Summer Retreat is scheduled from Friday, May 10 to Sunday, May 12 in Saylorsburg, PA. Please save the date! Registration begins Jan 3, 2013!