Dear initiates, seekers and friends,

Divine Heart Center wishes you a merry Christmas!

God’s greatest gift to us as human beings is our ability to experience Him as eternal joy.
This Christmas unwrap the layers of your desires, emotions and thoughts to find the light of your soul star hidden behind them. The best way to unwrap your soul star from the thick wrapper of our desires, emotions and thoughts is the practice of meditation.
The light of our soul is usually consumed and dissipated by our desires, emotions and thoughts. When a person with many desires, emotions and thoughts closes their eyes, they either see darkness or fall asleep into a “forgetful” awareness. Meditation, learned respectfully from a true Guru, helps one discard the unnecessary desires, emotions and thoughts. Meditation helps one consolidate one’s thoughts into the single pointed light of one’s soul-intelligence. Experienced meditators experience a point of rejuvenating light in their forehead. This light expands with regular meditation. More than this meta-physical experience, which probably can’t be measured in a lab, what matters more is the day-to-day improvement in the quality of the meditator’s life. The vagaries of emotions and thoughts reduce; one becomes less fearful and more accepting. Happiness, not tied to something or someone, is soon experienced.
Our range of experience is the evolutionary gift to us by God. Unfortunately, we constrain this experience to the mere sensory experience of the world. Why not expand the boundaries of our experience into the light of our soul? This is the way to fully utilize the gift that has been bestowed upon us.
This holiday season remain mindful of the gift of inner experience that you possess. Notice how your experience of life changes when your mind is at rest. Contemplate on ways to keep the mind rested and focused, so you can experience the richness of life in every moment. Unwrap the gift that is within you. Search for a Guru and learn to meditate.
Aum. Prem. Brham.