A Yogi has to fight two battles at the same time. The first battle is that of education, livelihood, relationships, responsibility and achievement of the material world. This battle has to be fought by the laws set by a partially evolved world. The second battle is an inner one. It takes an equal amount of strength to overcome one’s own deluded self. A Raja Yogi must value his willingness and his ability to fight two battles at the same time.” - Shailesh  


Being on spiritual path is not easy. So many times, we need our guru, or a friend to guide us and keep us steadfast in our faith and practice. DHC is trying to help the initiates with the challenges of the spiritual journey through the Sakha Program. The program is aimed to encourage initiates in becoming regular in their practice and going deeper into meditations, to guide them towards eternal happiness. Sakha is a hindi word for a friend. In this program, the initiate will be paired with a DHC Sakha who will provide guidance, support, and encouragement by being a spiritual friend.


Getting initiated to Reiki and Raja Yoga is a blessing which very few chosen ones receive. In the new year we are delighted to launch the Divine Heart Center - Sakha Program. We invite the initiates to take advantage of this opportunity and join the program towards their spiritual progress and growth.


Following are the experiences of some of the participants from the DHC Sakha Pilot Program


"Sakha program is a successful forum for staying connected with the great DHC community on a more frequent basis. With the Divine's guidance given by our dearest Guru, Shailesh Kumar, I have been selected as a Sakha for our wonderful initiate - MKS. The role of being a Sakha has been benefiting me greatly. I was presented with an opportunity to share my spiritual experiences with MKS and learn about her spiritual journey. We set up calls, exchanged e-mails and messages. It was very good to talk to MKS and answer her questions about the DHC techniques.


"Although meditation is an individual journey of finding a personal connection with Divine, it is inspiring and encouraging to share experiences and get motivation from other yoga practitioners. It removes the feeling of being alone and reinforces the importance of raja yoga practice. Having a meditation friend is a good way to ensure that we remain on track with our practice by reminding each other about the importance of meditation and prioritizing the practice in our busy schedule. Having a meditation friend strengthens the practice and helps to make it more regular. With all illusions that our mind creates, it is helpful to be able to share the experience we have during the meditation in order to understand what they mean and feel the support of other initiates. It is especially important when our mind creates doubts and pulls us in the material direction. Sharing a spiritual journey creates a strong bond and long-lasting friendship.


"I want to thank our Guru Shailesh and advance initiates Vandana and Vineet for organizing the Sakha program and inspiring us to participate! I am sending my special thanks to my dear MKS for accepting me as her Sakha."

 - Natasha


"Sakha program is a great initiative in taking a first step towards DHC. After taking the retreat I had many questions regarding the techniques. It was on my mind that DHC should provide some sort of guidance to new initiates, and lo and behold I get an email about my lovely sakha which I later discovered was going to provide support, advice, guidance, insight and help me stay put on the path. My discussions with my sakha strengthened my faith in the techniques, got rid of the doubts, and above all gave me confidence and hope for future growth. Just by talking to her I would feel uplifted, healed and meditative. It’s because of her that I am able to practice every day.

"I would strongly recommend Sakha program for all initiates to share their experiences and benefit from it and progress towards their ultimate goal."

 - MKS


"As an initiate, I always try my best to meditate and use the techniques that we have learned; in the Sakha program, I was able through the advice of my mentor to find innovative ways to use the techniques and find more time in my busy schedule to meditate some more. As we all live a busy life, we need to find time to reach divine and do all what we are required to do; the Sakha program was that light that guided me in the right direction to be able to spend more time in the pursue of Divine. Thank you Gulshan for all your help."

- Jorge Cordoba