Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends,


From all of us at the Divine Heart Center, a very Happy New Year to you.


As I look back at 2018, I am filled with joy to observe how a small team of spiritually driven Yogis has accomplished so much while managing their busy professional and personal lives.


In 2018, in addition to conducting several hours of meditation sessions, healing consultations and many distance healing assignments, we completed the following projects:-


  • Summer Retreat at the Himalayan Institute, Pennsylvania: the retreat once again turned out be a spiritually transforming event for the attendees. We practiced several hours of Reiki Kriya and also tested out our healing mantra tracks. I received many notes about the high energy the attendees experienced during the retreat.
  • Release of the new website with integrations to live video webinars on meditation: this year we also formed a dedicated product management team to oversee our website and online services roadmap. The team worked hard to launch a new website with integrations to video conferencing and email campaign technologies.
  • Journey to Mt. Kailash: Mt. Kailash is the center of the Universe for Yogis. Our journey into Tibet, Mansarovar and to Mt. Kailash can not be described in words. First came the challenges and then came the visions, the blessings and deep spiritual experiences. Mt. Kailash keeps calling us back and we know we will go there again. May be several times.
  • Successful launch of the Sakha program: the Sakha program is a mentorship program to help new initiates in their meditation practice. Each new (or newer) initiate now has the option of being paired with an experienced Yogi who can answer basic questions about techniques and help guide their way to using techniques effectively to change their lives.
  • Second edition of the Reiki Raja Yoga book goes into publishing: this year we also formalized our editorial team. The team consists of highly experienced editors and media professionals. The editorial team worked hard to revise the content of our first book and present it in a simpler, more effective format. The book will be released in early 2019.
  • Release of the Eternal Chants Mantra audio track: due to a heavy demand from our dear initiates to create some ambient chants that could create a peaceful atmosphere at home, in the car and at work we recorded the secret chants that hold the secret of Shiv and Shakti. If you have not heard them, look them up on our website or email us.
  • Release of the Gayatri Mantra audio track: to help the initiates and other aspiring Yogis energize their solar chakras, a complete rendition of the Gayatri Mantra was also released in 2018. The general feedback was that this was the best rendition of the Gayatri Mantra that the listeners had heard. It is the power of our Gurus and God that manifests in the vibrations of the mantra.
  • Fall retreat in the Virginia center: first 3 day retreat in the Virginia center: this year was also a blessed year by the grace of Mahavatar Babaji (the same Babaji who is mentioned in the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda) that we conducted our first 3 day retreat at the Virginia private center. The positive upliftment of this retreat, the attendees reported, lasted for many days and unblocked many areas of their life.
  • Sunday story time for kids: this year the team also worked on starting a story time for children. The story time is a 45 minute virtual session where an adult reads stories from the Vedas and Puranas to enhance the children’s knowledge and build character.


In addition to this, many healing results were reported by initiates and “healees”, including:-


  • Deepening experiences of Brahm
  • Relief from pain
  • Removal of negative energy
  • Improvement in business revenue
  • Support in career; finding new jobs


When I look back, I am in awe of the life changing power of Reiki Raja Yoga which we have also started calling the “Brham Yoga” - to convey its gist as the sum total of all yogas combined. A definitive sign of a true spiritual practice is that it benefits many; in the case of Reiki Raja Yoga as taught by the Divine Heart Center - the experiences are widespread amongst the initiates and “healees”.


Everyday I hear about many life challenges that our initiates may be experiencing but, often,  I also hear about the miraculous logic-defying healing and transformation that our initiates are going through. This fills me  with deeper respect and reverence for the path of “Brham Yoga”.


Divine Heart Center has a series of events and publications planned for 2019. Our mission is to motivate everyone to find holistic happiness and be closer to Brahm - that ultimate reality that there is.


We will start January with our retreat to the greatest gathering of yogis called the Kumbha Mela in India. Then we meet again in May for our Summer Meditation Retreat. We are also planning another retreat in India in the later part of the year as well as our regular fall retreat. The second edition of the book “Reiki Raja Yoga - the philosophy and practice of Holistic Happiness and Self Realization” will come out in early 2019 as well.  We will continue our weekly meditations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We will also continue our longer meditations biweekly on Sundays. Divine Storytime will continue to engage children and inculcate good values in them.


Strategically, our focus will remain on focusing on committed practitioners and not the volume of “passing by” seekers - at least, as far as the deeper meditation practice is concerned.


Finally, to existing initiates my message is simple, “practice and be sincere!”. To new seekers who may be researching us, I would like to say that if you commit to this practice no obstacle in your life will remain unsurmountable. What’s happening here at Divine Heart Center is that a strong wave of spiritual power is taking shape with a core team that is unprecedented and techniques that were hitherto available only to spiritual adepts. We have the best techniques, best humble teachers, the best accelerators like Rudrakshas and Mantras and a very modern outlook.


This combination is rare in the modern world. Make use of it.


In Service to You,

Aum Prem (Power and Love),


Jan 1, 2019.