Glory to Goddess Radha, the epitome of Divine Love.

We are delighted to share the heartwarming news that Divine Heart Center has recently completed a noble project in the sacred town of Barsana, near Vrindavan. Barsana, the birthplace of Goddess Radha, is a place of profound spiritual significance and unconditional love. This ancient land is home to Gehvar Van, a dense forest known for the divine pastimes of Radha and Krishna, where countless saints meditate and chant the holy names of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Barsana's Gehvar Van is more than just a forest; it is a sanctuary that has preserved the intimate secrets and divine plays of Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. This mystical place, dense and secretive, has been a cherished site for the Raas Leelas, where every tree in the forest would transform into a Gopi, participating in the divine dance. The forest's beauty lies not only in its dense foliage but also in its unique conch shell shape, filled with entwined trees symbolizing the eternal love of Radha and Krishna.

In this sacred landscape lies Radha Kund, also known as Gehvar Kund, a water body that has historically been a vital source of water for the local community and the saints who reside there. Over the past decade, the water table in this region had significantly declined, making access to potable water a challenge. Even the villagers and saints, deeply rooted in their spiritual practices, had to buy water from outside sources.

Recognizing this pressing need, Divine Heart Center sponsored the installation of a tube well in Gehvar Van. This project has recently been completed, and now, everyone in the area, from householders to hermits, will have access to clean drinking water. The new tube well will not only quench the thirst of people but also provide for the animals, large and small, and the trees, supporting the entire ecosystem.

The joy and gratitude expressed by the local community, including the recluse monks and saints, have been overwhelming. This project, while seemingly small, has made a significant difference in the lives of many, proving that even modest donations can have a profound impact in remote and deserving parts of the world.

This initiative has been possible only by the grace of Goddess Radha, and we humbly acknowledge that all credit goes to Her divine blessings. Our role was merely to recognize the need and serve the righteous and deserving with the resources available to us.


Gehvar Van in Barsana is not only a place of immense spiritual significance but also a sanctuary for saints and sages. It has been a seat for many renowned saints, including Shri Vallabhacharya, who recited the Srimad Bhagavat to his disciples here. This forest, with its lush green trees and serene ambiance, continues to inspire pilgrims and nature lovers alike, offering a tranquil escape and a deeper connection to the divine.

We invite all of you to visit Barsana and experience the divine love and spiritual energy that permeates this holy land. It is a place where the sacred pastimes of Radha and Krishna come alive, offering solace and inspiration to all who visit.

With heartfelt blessings,