With so much going on in the world around us, we can sometimes become desensitized to all the suffering that surrounds us. Today, we find ourselves in the midst of significant global conflicts—the war between Ukraine and Russia and the ongoing strife between Israel and Palestine. These two wars are well-known, but there are undoubtedly numerous other conflicts unfolding in various pockets of the world. The turmoil created by these wars is not only physical but also profoundly disrupts the energetic field of the world.

Economically, many regions are swaying on the brink of recession. We hear about layoffs, struggling businesses, and economic instability. The collective uncertainty and fear ripple through our societies, creating a pervasive sense of unease. The pressing question then becomes: how do we deal with it?

As practitioners of Reiki and Raja Yoga, we are blessed with techniques that enable us to circulate love and healing throughout the world. We possess the tools to send positive affirmations and healing energies across time and space. These practices are not merely symbolic gestures but powerful methods to foster peace and healing on a global scale.

The State of War

War creates profound disturbances in the world's energetic field. The violence, hatred, and fear generated by conflicts such as those in Ukraine and Palestine create negative vibrations that spread far beyond the immediate areas of conflict. This energetic disturbance affects everyone, contributing to a global atmosphere of tension and unease. Economically, these conflicts intensify instability, leading to recessions and hardships that further stress societies.

The State of Peace

Peace, on the other hand, brings harmony and balance. It restores the energetic equilibrium and promotes a sense of collective well-being. Achieving peace requires inner stability and love—qualities that can be cultivated through spiritual practices. When individuals find peace within themselves, they contribute positively to the world’s energy, creating a ripple effect that can lead to broader societal harmony.

How Reiki Channels Can Help Bridge the Gap

Reiki practitioners have the unique ability to send healing energy across time and space, making it possible to impact global situations from wherever they are. By using Reiki techniques, such as distance healing, we can send love and positive energy to conflict zones and to those suffering from the consequences of war.

It is because of this fact that I encourage all Reiki initiates to utilize this skill. Through the process of initiation, practitioners have been endowed with a powerful gift—the ability to channel healing energy. By actively sending love and positive affirmations into the world, Reiki practitioners can contribute to a spiritual shift. This shift is necessary to counteract the negative energy generated by global conflicts.

It is essential to understand that the events in the world result from the collective karma of its people. Each region experiences cycles of upheaval and peace, progress, and regression. While these cycles will continue, our meditative and Reiki practices empower us to work through our own karma and extend unconditional love and healing to others. By doing so, we help bring about spiritual change, contributing to global peace and stability.

Ultimately, all violence and conflict stem from a lack of love and inner stability. When individuals are internally unstable, they may lash out, finding comfort in enmity and aggression. However, by achieving inner peace, we become incapable of injustice towards our fellow beings. As one of the principles of Reiki states: "Just for today, I will respect all living beings."

In conclusion, the state of the world reflects a profound need for healing and love. As Reiki channels and spiritual practitioners, we have the power and responsibility to contribute to this healing process. By spreading love and positive energy, we can help bridge the gap between war and peace, fostering a world where harmony and compassion prevail.

With heartfelt blessings,
Guru Shailesh