Gaurav Chikara is a Reiki Raja Yoga Master. He was first initiated by Shri Vijay Bansal in 1999. Later, Guru Shailesh Kumar initiated him to higher levels. Gaurav is dedicated to spreading awareness about meditation and Divine Heart Center. He runs the DHC Ashburn Center in Virginia. 

In this conversation, we speak to Gaurav about meditation, his experience of initiation, the journey of his transformation, and much more. 


You are a Reiki Raja Yoga Master. Please tell us a little bit about what is Reiki Raja Yoga.

Reiki is a holistic healing practice that addresses imbalances and promotes overall well-being. It is used to bring harmony to your physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Raja Yoga, also called the royal path, empowers practitioners with unwavering willpower, paving the way for the swiftest path to self-discovery and ultimately, self-realization.

By combining these techniques, you will clear inner blocks and accelerate self-realization, leading to a wellspring of personal happiness that radiates outward. You will become a beacon of light and radiate healing wherever you go.


You were initiated by Shri Vijay Bansal in 1999. What took you there? What inspired you to follow this path.

I think I always wanted to try meditation but never really had the chance. I remember being curious about meditation ever since I was a kid. 

It so happened that a friend was speaking to me and told me how to get started with meditation. I immediately knew that this was something I had to do. It was like I had been shown the way. To me this felt like a new beginning.

My first realization happened when in one of my meditations, I discovered that I had been given this life to change myself and everything around me. I cannot thank my friend enough for showing me this path.

This path has changed me in so many ways. At the same time, I continue to be excited to keep learning and growing with every passing day.


What was your experience of initiation like?

I have been through multiple initiations in this path. Being a Master, I have also initiated others. Each one is different and hard to explain, but what they have in common is that they have all been life-changing. They have made me go deeper inside myself, like being born again.

Every initiation starts a new journey and brings you closer to your higher self, God, or whatever you believe in. It is a big change that makes your life better for good.


What does meditation mean to you?

Meditation is way of my life. It is like a breath that provides life to me. It is what helps me foster my connection to the higher self. Once that connection gets built, you do not even have to sit or close your eyes. It is permanently present.

Though, as a practice, when we close our eyes and sit in a place, it makes that connection even stronger.


What changes do you see yourself as a practitioner for so many years?

Meditation can change you for the better. The more you meditate, the stronger the connection you feel to your inner wisdom. This can bring many benefits:

  • Inner peace and focus: You will feel calmer and more aware of yourself and your thoughts.
  • Happiness and understanding: Life starts to make more sense and you feel generally happier. The more you meditate, the closer you get to feeling at peace and like yourself.
  • Positive vibes: People are drawn to your calmness and feel comfortable around you. They might even ask you for advice.
  • Seeing the good: You start to appreciate the world around you more and see things in a positive light.
  • Feeling connected: You feel more in tune with nature and the universe seems to be helping you out. You also start to send love and light to everything around you.
  • Finding answers: You become better at solving problems and finding what you need. You start enjoying each and every thing in your life.
Overall, meditation can make you feel more fulfilled, joyful, and at peace with yourself and the world. During later stages of meditation, you become one with the technique itself, as that becomes your true nature.
Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with us.