Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with too many things going on in our lives and find it difficult to keep up. 


When I feel overwhelmed, I take a step back. I don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ to  people. Being with oneself helps.


I do my Reiki Touch Healing, followed by some calming and energizing meditations. I remind myself of the bigger reality; I am a tiny yet powerful soul in this big universe, whose true nature is that of love and peace. If I am not able to do everything, it’s OK. This helps a lot with the attachments, which are the cause for most uneasy feelings.


Once I am able to calm myself, I give Reiki healing to all the things or feelings that were bothering me. At this time, making a prioritized to-do list helps and I try to keep it short. With a calmer and re-balanced mind, everything doesn’t seem as difficult as before. I find myself re-energized and ready for a fresh start.


When we feel overwhelmed, it is a signal from the universe that we need to re-align ourselves. Some things to try:


  • Be with nature 
  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to your favorite music 
  • Play a musical instrument 
  • Sing 
  • Have coffee with a friend 
  • Go for Yoga
  • Do Chanting
  • Do Reiki Healing 
  • Meditate

Be creative, find your own way. 

Press the reset button, enjoy every breath of your life.


Be Happy Be Healed.