Divine Heart Center organized a one-day meditation session over Memorial Day weekend. This event was held in Divine Heart Center, New York Center located in Long Island, NY.


A group of focused seekers attended this session from Virginia, New Jersey and New York. This center though located near New York City, is away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Master Gaurav led this session along with Master Rajat.


Seekers who joined the session expressed amazing and deep experiences. All the sessions were conducted outside in nature, graced by beautiful weather and helped the attendees to connect all the five elements of nature that surrounded them.


Five elements that the attendees connected to during this meditation were Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jala) from man-made waterfall, Fire (Agni) was the sun, amazing Breeze (Vayu) and the meditation was done under the Sky (Akash).


These natural elements provided a conducive environment to boost the meditative and tranquil experiences. Even birds enjoyed this session as they were chirping and waterfall provided an absolute melody of music.


Host of this Session i.e. Richa and Master Rajat were gracious to provide with amazing food at the end of the session. The kids who attended the session had an amazing time. Many initiates requested that there should be many more of such sessions.


Memorial Day Meditation - New York


Aum, Prem