Universe has unlimited unconditional love and unlimited life force energy. These energies are present everywhere, but we receive a very small portion of it. How can we receive more of these energies and improve our lives for the better?

Just as we tune a radio to a particular frequency to listen to a specific radio station, similarly, we need to tune our frequency to the universal energies in order to receive more! Sounds straightforward, but how do we do that?

Reiki Initiation is the attunement process where a student’s antahkarana (“un-teh-karana”, receiving channel) is tuned and widened to receive Reiki (unconditional love/ life force energy).

The process of Reiki Initiation starts a cleansing process that impacts your mind, body and soul. It empowers you to release stored negativity and unresolved emotions from your aura and initiates a process of emotional and physical purification. After Initiation, Reiki stays with you throughout your life. Practicing regularly keeps Reiki flowing throughout your energy body and everyday life.

All the knowledge that the guru and the guru’s predecessor gurus have been graced with, is condensed in the seed form and given to you. This boosts your spiritual progress. Spiritual evolution is accelerated, sometimes even by hundreds of years. It is a blessing and a privilege to be able to receive initiation by a true guru into a spiritual practice.

Divine Heart Center Initiation is a dual Initiation into Reiki and Raja Yoga. It is much deeper than the traditional Reiki as it combines elements of Raja Yoga, specifically Kriya Yoga. In traditional Reiki, there are three levels. In Reiki Raja Yoga, we have seven levels. As you progress through these seven levels, you reach the state of samadhi or absolute absorption in the Divine.

Reiki initiation gives you techniques to heal yourself and others through the power of divine grace. It brings balance in all aspects of your life. Practicing Raja Yoga meditations and pranayamas lead you towards self realization.

It can take hundreds of years of spiritual effort to change the size of your antahkarana. Antahkarana expansion during initiation process brings a quantum leap in the consciousness of the initiate where one is able to draw more power from the universe. Such progress is very difficult by any means other than proper attunement by an authentic guru of Reiki Raja Yoga or any other true spiritual discipline.

Blessed are those who find a true guru to initiate them into a spiritual path.