Duality is the nature of this world; good-bad, happiness-sadness, ups and downs coexist. While the human race is suffering from the pandemic of COVID-19, nature is still welcoming the spring season with new flowers.


We see examples of this duality every day. One who takes birth is destined to die. If there is light, there is darkness too. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes sad. If there is success, there is failure too. It is devastating that Coronavirus has put so many lives in danger, but it has also reminded us to rise above race, color, religion, boundaries and political differences. Social distancing is giving us time to discover our own selves, pursue hobbies and have more family time.

In these tough times, all of us are contributing to the safety of our community by maintaining social distance. We are so thankful for medical professionals, caregivers and the first respondents for putting their own lives in danger. So many people all over the world have come forward with ways to help one another. A professional runner from Oregon helped an old couple get the groceries. A Chinese company has shipped crates of respiratory masks to Italy in her time of need, shipments covered in Italian poetry: “We are waves from the same tree”. Caremongering Facebook group is helping spread items and information to those in the community. People all over India clapped together on 22nd March at 5:00 pm to show gratitude to healthcare workers. There are so many uplifting stories in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. The world coming together with love, kindness, and thankfulness is a beautiful phenomenon.

On a personal level due to this quarantine, I am able to do longer meditations and deepen my spiritual practice. I am attending many online meditation sessions DHC has been offering which has helped me develop inner strength and immunity. I have been going for walks, catching up on my reading and have more time for hobbies like music and painting.

While there is a lot of practical advice available, and we should follow it to not spread the virus, there is also a greater need to go within and increase our will power and strength through meditation. Spirituality can be a great anchor in these unprecedented times. Engaging in creative activities during quarantine will help us to stay motivated and positive. This collective consciousness of hope and positivity will help us in these challenging times.

Necessity is the mother of invention; scientists and doctors will soon find a treatment and vaccine for Coronavirus. We are bound to come out of this pandemic as duality is the nature of this world.

What goes down comes back up.

Aum Prem Brahm