From the moment my first child was born, a beautiful journey of parenting has started. I thank my children for being great teachers in my life - for inspiring me to be loving, wise, patient, joyous, creative, and for making me a better person.


Kids are like mirrors - they intuitively grasp your internal feelings and state of mind and reflect it back to you. They absorb, magnify and reflect every emotion. If I smile at them, I will get hundreds of smiles back. If they sense anger, they will send hundreds of lightenings of anger back at me.


So I need to always remember and practice these 5 principles of spiritual parenting:


-    I shall use wisdom.
-    I shall be patient.
-    I shall fill my heart with unconditional love.
-    I shall be non-attached.
-    I shall always be calm.


    I thank Divine for the most precious gift in the world - being a Mother. I thank my dear mother for everything she has done for me.


    Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. May Divine Mother showers us with blessings!