Dear Initiates: 

Divine Heart Center wishes you a Happy Guru Poornima. In a similar way as we celebrate Father’s Day or Mother’s Day here in the US (and also worldwide now), in India Guru Poornima is the day when students (“shisyhas” or “chelas”) celebrate Guru’s Day. 

For me, Guru Poornima is a day that fills me with “memory flashes” of the time that I spent with my Guru and the destined coincidences through which I met him. The first time I met him, I remember discussing with him the spirituality behind the refraction of light through a prism and the science behind Lord Ram’s stirring up the ocean god “Sagara” - similar in a way to Moses’s parting the ocean. Science and spirituality seemed to have amalgamated as the discussion progressed. Little did I know that that first meeting will be the seed of what’s now the Divine Heart Center. 

The intuitive etymological meaning of Guru is “dispeller of darkness”. “Gu” means darkness in Sanskrit and “Ru” means dispeller. So a true Guru dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance in the minds of the surrendered initiates. Unlike a teacher, a Guru uses direct transmission and Karmic sharing in addition to verbal communication to help the initiate. The Guru has travelled so far in his journey that his logic has transformed from linear to multi-dimensional. Hence, it is sometimes hard to apply common logic to understand everything that the Guru transmits. I didn’t understand it completely either until later. 

Use this week to thank those from whom you have learnt and those who have guided you. Everything that we have learnt till today, we have learnt from others. 

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