Resistance to spirituality: 

“I don't believe in spirituality, meditation, reiki blah blah. I believe in thinking good thoughts. I don’t need anything else!” 

Here are my thoughts: 

Ok. Do you think good thoughts all the time? Understand that the human mind is a psychological engine. It takes in the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, and the touch stimuli from the universe. It then processes these stimuli and produces thoughts, experiences and actions as outcomes. For reasons outside of this discussion, our circumstances in the current universe are not always to our liking. Additionally, our mind-engine is not a hundred percent efficient. So when this engine interacts with the input stimuli, it processes them inefficiently and produces productive matter and waste matter. The productive matter is appropriate actions, joyous experiences and positive thoughts. The waste matter is inappropriate actions, horrible experiences and negative thoughts. Practically speaking, an average human mind in the current universe can never produce positive thoughts hundred percent of the time! In fact, if you take a minute to scan your thoughts you will realize what your mind is producing this minute. Do this three times a day and you will know even more. Wake up at 4 a.m. in the morning after interrupting your sleep and you will know your deeper thoughts! You will also notice that sometimes negative thoughts are more emphatic in nature than positive thoughts. Why so? How we think is eventually what we become. Our educational system has taught us to use the toilet when our body produces waste matter. What toilet do we use for the waste matter produced by the continuous chatter of the untrained mind? Don’t we just ingest this poison and become psychologically sick every day? If one produces negative thoughts even twenty percent of the time, one is creating a life for oneself and for others which can be made a lot better! In today’s busy and stressed mind this percentage is much higher. This chain of negative thought to negative action to accumulation of negative energies which further lead to negative experiences and then back to negative thought is not easily broken. I am still working on being completely successful in breaking this chain. May be you have done it already! And what about the thoughts that have not even surfaced yet, thoughts that are lurking under the surface of the conscious mind as subtle tendencies (“sanskaras”) which are waiting for the coast of the busy conscious mind to clear up so they can get a chance to surface! It is naïve to think that one can achieve happiness and evolve spiritually just by thinking good thoughts alone. Spiritual practices like Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Reiki, Vipassna and other meditation techniques when transmitted by a realized master help one explore the mind’s engine and tune it up! This meditative exploration is not for the lazy minded and escapists! In this exploration, one confronts one’s own self and weeds outs the negative thoughts and burns the Karmic seeds that produce such thoughts! As one goes deeper and deeper into meditation, one finds countless subtle seeds of Karma accumulated over many years of unrealized existence. One understands, first, the nature and, then, the origin of one’s habits and tendencies. One starts deciphering, first, the deeper meaning of and, then, the mental blocks to health and happiness. One brings about disentanglement of the psychological knots to spiritual progress. As can be understood, this requires both psychological and spiritual training. This training can only be transmitted by a realized master. Different spiritual disciplines were created because while fundamentally all mind engines are the same they need tuning at different levels. Lahiri Mahasaya, a great Kriya Yogi, has mentioned that doing Kriya in the morning washes the sins accumulated in the night and doing Kriya in the evening washes the sins accumulated during the day. This applies varyingly to any true spiritual practice sincerely done. Here, sin can be interpreted as net accumulation of negative energies generated by ignorant thought. In essence, while thinking good thoughts helps, spiritual practice is the only way one can outdo limited human thought to achieve meaningful happiness and net spiritual progress