One should live life creating happiness within one's world and in the others'. The only way to evolve as a human being is to develop qualities of the Divine spirit that's behind this creation. This includes the spirit that projects our mind and body. This spirit lives in eternal happiness or "akhand anand" in Sanskrit. 

While the Divine spirit's intelligence always has a plan for us, it is important that we make full use of the individual intelligence or "buddhi" that the Divine has given us. Hence, we should plan our time to the best of our capability. 

While planning, whenever we can choose our next action, we should ask ourselves, "what should I do that will be make my and others' life happier?” This thought should be the guiding principle in whatever planning we do. 

If we don't have the option of choosing our next action, we should not feel bitter but should think," how do I act in such a way that I may maintain as much happiness as possible for myself and others?" Using this line of thought and action, you will soon find that you are able to find happiness and contentment amidst tough constraints. Those around you will feel happier and content as well. Those around you who are incorrigibly bitter will gradually start going out of your life. 

One might ask, " I am reasonably happy, no complaints, why should I try to make my (or others') life happier?” First of all, there is no limit to happiness. We have been ignorant of our Divine spirit for such a long time that we have compromised on our definition of happiness. A good job, a couple of cars, a big house, a loving family and some money to spare is as far as a normal person would go to define happiness. Indeed, this alone is not an easy state of affairs to achieve for most people. However, even if you achieve a certain level of material, mental and social happiness it doesn't mean that you have found spiritual happiness. If you have not found spiritual happiness, your happiness is incomplete. Spiritual happiness is different from other states of happiness because it is permanent, spontaneous and self-sufficient unlike all other forms of happiness. 

Why is it important to achieve spiritual happiness? This is so because the only productive outcome of human destiny is the evolution of the human spirit into the Divine spirit. All other outcomes are destructive and will eventually destroy humankind. Today, by ceaselessly working on our and world's happiness we will bring forth subsequent generations whose bodies and minds will be stronger and more spiritually advanced. If such evolutionary process continues further, there will come a generation virtually free of all diseases both physical and mental, their radiant bodies made of light and energy and their world so much more peaceful and happier that it will seem like a heaven on earth. If the human spirit doesn't enlighten itself to realize its own Divinity, there will soon come a time where our bitterness will wipe us out through war and disease. 

How we live our life today defines what becomes of us in times to come. Therefore, making sure our next action brings about happiness in our lives and the lives of others is the way one should live one's life. 

"We are little lamps in an infinite Universe about which we are mostly ignorant. 

Our individual lights when combined help us understand this Universe. 

Where one lamp’s light doesn’t reach, the other shines the way. 

A lamp should not ask how brightly it should shine. 

To shine is the lamp’s purpose and nature. 

One can never overdo one’s own nature."