Dear initiates, seekers and friends, 

Hope you enjoyed a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter! 

The sweet vibrations of the Divine Heart have begun to reach the hearts of the receptive. 

I am happy to mention that a few advanced initiates have started conducting healing sessions and teaching the DHC- Basic Level course in their respective areas. The purpose of the basic course is to provide the seeker with simple yet effective meditation techniques for centering themselves and laying the foundation for Holistic Happiness. 

Seekers who are bitter, stressed, living extremely fast-paced lives, and experiencing signs of emotional and mental distress can use these basic yet powerful techniques for healing themselves. Those who are doing well and just want to explore their inner self further will also find these techniques effective for their inner advancement into the power and the peace of the Self. 

The advanced initiates who teach the basic level course and also conduct distance and touch healing sessions are a part of the Circle of Healers of the Divine Heart Center also called the Divine Heart Circle. Currently, these initiates are located in the U.S.A. in the New York, New Jersey and Virginia areas and their contact information can be obtained by emailing

I would also like to share with you the experiences of two such advanced initiates, Gaurav Chikara and Sunita Nayak from Fairfax, Virginia. They can be reached at Both have had deep spiritual experiences during their healing and meditations; here they focus on their experiences while giving healing to and teaching 


“It’s a pleasure to share my spiritual experiences after getting initiated into Reiki. I, Gaurav Chikara, am a Holistic Happiness level four initiate and have been practicing Reiki since 1999. I was recently initiated into level four by Shailesh. Though it had been years of initiation, I was not regular in my practice. My wife Sunita joined me in this spiritual endeavor last October in 2008, and is now a Level 3 initiate and a student of Shailesh. Together, we have become regular in the practice and this spiritual practice has blended well in our busy lifestyle. This practice has helped us withstand the stressful day to day life and we have seen positive changes happening in our daily life and our surroundings. I will write about our personal deep meditation experiences some other time, but today I want to share our experiences while healing others and also while teaching the Holistic Happiness – Basic Meditation Course here in Virginia. 

In the month of November 2008, one of our close friend’s mother was visiting her in the US. Unfortunately, the mother fell sick and was hospitalized to undergo a major surgery. Even after the surgery was successful and she was back from the hospital, she hadn’t recovered completely and was very worried and distressed about her illness and suffered pain and agony. Co-incidentally, she came to know about our practice and requested us for healing. With guidance from Shailesh, we gave her healing for 21 days, which included 3 days of touch healing sessions and 19 days of “distance” healing. 

The “healee” - our friend’s mother - could feel a positive difference after the very first healing session not only in her health but also with the way she felt from inside. Moreover, many of the incomplete chores that worried her started reaching completion. Additionally, after the program ended she realized that a lot of her other health issues were healed as well. 

For both Sunita and me, it was a deeply enriching and a learning experience of being a healing channel. We discovered the connection between the healer and the “healee” and experienced the energy exchange in action through our own energy fields. We were amazed to consciously experience how subtle yet powerful and precise these hidden forces are which most of us are unaware of. 

In early 2009, with the current situation of the economy affecting almost everybody in some respect or the other, we could see that some of our friends were in distress. So, we started to talk to them about the benefits of Reiki and Meditation. Since we cared for them, we wanted to make them aware of the holistic happiness achieved through Reiki and Meditation. Shailesh advised us of some basic yet powerful techniques for mediation which we could share with our friends to introduce them to spirituality and its power to improve our day to day lives. Finally, we succeeded in teaching these techniques by conducting a basic level seminar. Two of our friends attended it and from their experiences it was clear that they felt the calmness, peace, happiness and satisfaction within themselves in just minutes of this practice. These techniques are to be practiced regularly to realize a lasting effect within oneself and one’s life. The more we practice the more spiritually refined and materially balanced we become. 

We feel fortunate on being a part of the Divine Heart Circle of Healers and sharing the Divine Love. This Love drives us towards a common goal of tuning with the Divine. This tuning through sustained efforts provides us with abundance in health, wealth, peace, love, happiness and joy.” 

Gaurav Chikara - Holistic Happiness Level 4 Initiate 

Sunita Nayak - Holistic Happiness Level 3 Initiate 

Fairfax, Virginia, USA 

I would like to congratulate Gaurav and Sunita for getting started on expanding beyond their own selves. 

The Universe is an “echo-system” – what we send out, comes back to us from all directions.