Dear Initiates and Friends, 

Divine Heart Center wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and spiritually abundant New Year! 

Let us use a few moments today in contemplating over the three energy focus points that were mentioned in last year's New Year message:- 

"First, we should learn to live within our means" 

"Second, we should become more tolerant, loving, and present" 

"Third, regularly practice the techniques of meditation and Reiki taught to you" 

As the year 2008 comes to an end, let us objectively introspect on how established we were in the above focus points. 

What we have in our life today is the return of all actions we have committed in thought, word, and deed up until now. This return reflects our Karmic bank balance from actions not only in this life, but lives we have lived before this one. 

 Where do we go from here? 

A Spiritual person accepts with courage where his or her past Karma has placed him or her in life and without brooding continues to march ahead in the pursuit of Holistic Happiness defined as practical abundance in Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Joy, Relationships, and Spiritual progress. 

Let Spirituality be an integral part of our lives this year and years to come. 

Spirituality is an inclination of a sentient mind such that it desires to know more about itself and in the process begins to find its true identity as the unlimited spirit. 

You keep saying to yourself:- 

 "I want to be happy" 

 "I am sad" 

 "How did I end up here?" 

 "I like listening to hard rock" 

 "I like playing golf" 

 "I am in a bad relationship" 

 "I would like to be an investment banker" 

 "Oh I love this!" 

 How often do you ask yourself, "Who am I?" 

 Really, who or what is this "I"? 

 Do you really know? 

If you don't, then how do you know that you like playing golf and that you dislike something else? 

 Our happiness directly depends on how much we know about ourselves. 

Not knowing our true identity, acting on the periphery of our mind, we keep making limited decisions based on fear or cultural or social conditioning and eventually become dis-eased – "not at ease". 

Not being at ease ourselves, being bitter from inside due to our partially happy state at best, we then spread this unhappiness to others. In fact, we unknowingly but habitually start limiting the happiness of others because we rationalize that what we have failed to achieve can never be achieved by the other. This limited state of the mind is called state of "Avidya" or "Ignorance" or being "non-spiritual". The subtle limiting collective principle in creation that hides our true identity from the mind is called "Maya" or Cosmic Hypnosis or Satan or "the Measurer (i.e. that which is limited can be measured)". 

Spirituality is the practice of unfolding ourselves layer by layer to ultimately realize the inexhaustible spirit overflowing with pure unlimited love and dazzling with infinite intelligence. When we start seeing glimpses of our unlimited and infinite Self, we feel less fearful, less stressed, more loving and frequently happy. We then spread this happiness around ourselves, fostering happiness within our world and world-wide. 

This year spend a few minutes daily to meditate and heal yourself as per the techniques taught. Daily practice will develop insight into bringing Holistic Happiness in your lives. For those busy with their businesses and professions, understand the return on investment and the law of success:- 

When physical body competes with physical body – the stronger body wins 

When mind competes with mind – the stronger mind wins 

When the Spirit steps into the game – it wins all with Love. The strongest body can't counter it, and the strongest mind can't rationalize it. 

Meditation teaches us to operate from the Spirit – it saves us time! 

 I thank the Gurus.