Divine Heart Center wishes you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah! 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, let us remember that one of the best gifts one can give to another is the gift of peace. The earnings of peace come to us after hard work of regular spiritual practice alongside the committed effort we put in our profession and for the upkeep of our families. What we have is what we can give. If we have peace within ourselves we can make others peaceful. 

Some of us wish for miracles to happen during the holiday season. The intelligent "Christ Consciousness" or "Kuthastha Chaitnya" or "Supreme Witness Consciousness" for various reasons can be felt more expressively in this last month of every year. So miracles do happen. However, miracles are not something that pop-up in our physical world all of a sudden. Throughout the year and throughout our lives, our thoughts - in the form of our wishes, intentions and actions - keep creating energy formations just below the surface of our day to day awareness. And one day, there is a breakthrough! One of the energy formations manifests itself in our awareness as so called physical reality. This reality could be a spiritual experience that we always wanted, or the car or the person or the incident that we always wanted. Additionally, our subconscious mind keeps generating thoughts which sometimes our conscious mind doesn't intercept - just because it is busy thinking so many other things. In such cases, when this subconscious thought driven energy formation manifests into a physically palpable reality - we are taken by surprise! 

Be aware of your thoughts. They are your future. Do not chase them to see why they surface but weed out the ones that make you bitter. Divine peace will then be achieved. 

For miracles to happen, we have to intend with love, follow the techniques taught in the seminars, and then "let-go" of the intention, don't be obsessed by it. If you don't release the intention from your little mind, it will not circulate in the universe and not reach the Divine Heart. 

Intentions made in a peaceful non-attached state by Divine Grace pierce the Divine Heart and manifest as balance. This is the law of miracles.