A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ones in your thoughts and hearts. 

Let us use this Holiday to express our gratitude for all that the Divine has provided us with in this life. Each breath we take is a blessing of the Divine, for this breath enables us to be alive and interact with the world we live in, tend the relationships we have, taste the food we eat and experience the mental exhilaration of our accomplishments. If it were not for this breath and its resulting energy circuits that allow us to interact with this world –we would have been inert and unable to experience. 

Let this spirit of gratitude be with us for each breath of our lives, so that we may constantly thank the Divine for all that life offers us. 

Those who practice Spirituality in its truest sense are on their way to achieving health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, love, joy and spiritual awareness. In fact, this spiritual attraction pulls us through testing times and times of transformation to a state where we are healed whole and complete. 

Those who have their valuables safe in the Divine locker need not worry in uncertain times. 

Spiritual practice is the key to the Divine locker.