Divine Heart contains an Infinite Cloud of Integral Self-Awareness 

This Cloud holds an Invisible Ocean of Pure Love and Supreme Intelligence 

When its rains, the Holy Water or AUM, germinates the seeds of Karma 


The effect is a Body with an AURA contained within the Mind epicentered in the Soul AURA is the reservoir created from this rain 

Mind, like a tap, controls how much water enters the AURA 

AURA blocks are leaks that drain the water 

Quality of our life directly depends on level of water in the reservoir of our AURA 

We are reservoirs of Love and Intelligence – large, small and sometime dry 

We all have access to the Ocean of Love and Intelligence – it is free and surrounds us all the time 

Free your Ego, de-concept your mind, remove the leaks in your AURA reservoir 

The Ocean will flow in automatically to fill the reservoir 

 This is the Karmic Law.