Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends: 

Divine Heart Center wishes you all a Happy Janmashtami 2010! 

This day is celebrated as the birthday of the Lord Krishna - a complete incarnation of the abstract Divine in the human form. Those who meditate or remember the Divine today will feel the sweetness of Divine Love descend into their beings. 

The word Krishna has many meanings. One of the deeper meanings of "Krishna" comes from the same root as the Sanskrit word "Akarshan" which means attraction. While "Akarshan" means attraction generated as an effect of a cause, the word Krishna is the attraction without a cause. Krishna is, in fact, the cause behind all attraction. Even after we have amassed immeasurable wealth, beauty and knowledge - that "other" thing that the heart keeps craving for, that last drop of final fulfillment is Krishna in the deepest sense. 

The vibration generated by this word is powerful indeed. When uttered with a devoted heart this vibration fills the seeker's mind with a sweetness that fulfils the seeker in every way. 

Enjoy the day!