Last week, as I was getting ready for the seminar in Virginia on September 4, 2010, which I had to fly to on September 3 late afternoon, some of my colleagues at work told me about the advancing hurricane Earl. However, there was a silent assurance in my heart that I will be able to fly to Virginia incident free and that the seminar will go well. 

I had not being watching the news on Friday. My usual work and my preparation for travel kept me busy. This is something that happens to me often. When the Divine doesn't want my logical mind to analyze things too much, He shuts off all my access in ingenious ways.

 At Boston’s Logan airport, when I was waiting to board the flight later in the afternoon on Friday September 3, I could notice the anxiety in the eyes of many passengers who were staring out through the large glass windows of the terminal in anticipation of something to happen. Sometimes our thoughts create the things that we fear; especially, if they are the thoughts of the masses. 

About 15 minutes before the boarding, it started raining and most passengers anxious to board started reacting, "Oh no, it's started. It’s coming!” There was a nervous hustle amongst the passengers. The warm happiness in my heart did not change. It almost felt like a warm soup of Divine grace was constantly pouring from above my head and filling my heart. 

The rain stopped in a matter of few minutes. I can't remember exactly when, either outside the gate or just as I sat in the plane, a vision of Mahavatar Babaji opened up. In my aerial vision, He was standing on what seemed like the coast of Cape Cod and was redirecting the hurricane in a particular direction in a very similar way as a marshaller directs the plane on the runway. The hurricane was big but He didn't seem to have any difficulty in directing the hurricane with a non-attached expression on his face. 

Everything went smoothly after that by the Grace of the Guru. 

Divine can move mountains for us.We just need to connect, ask, and have righteous faith in our heart.