Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends: 

The team at the Divine Heart Center wishes you a very happy and spiritually aware new year! 

Last year was a wonderful year for the Divine Heart Center (DHC) and, personally, for myself. For this, I am grateful to my Gurus or the “Divine team” (as my Ascended Guru Shri Vijay Bansal would put it). 

Last year was the year of a strengthening spiritual foundation for the DHC. The DHC community of initiates grew substantially. More than the numbers, what lights up my heart is that each initiate who came to DHC is a gem. While many initiates still strive to overcome their mortal propensities and struggle to find enough time for their spiritual practice, each one, without exception, has a keen desire to improve oneself and to realize their true potential and their true spirit. And this is what spirituality actually is, it is the “ritual of the spirit”. Spirituality is one’s innate desire to overcome his or her limitations by strengthening oneself from inside – from the level of the spirit. So, this year work hard to tear the veil of ignorance through the intensity of your spiritual insight and let the light shine through! 

Yesterday evening, as I was thinking about what to write for the New Year’s message, an email from an advanced initiate showed up on my PDA. It read: 

“Today during my meditation I saw a pink lotus … on third eye and top of it I saw Jesus Christ, Krishan Ji and Baba Ji. I also saw that there was light that was coming from the top and was shinning. I felt lightness and happiness around me.” 

This simple email sums the basic Law of Karma. You work hard for a purpose; you get results specific to that purpose. You work hard to connect with that which is “all encompassing”; you get results which are “all inclusive”. Everyone who has practiced Reiki, Raja Yoga and Energy Management techniques, even for a few minutes a day, has seen a positive change in their lives. 

For those who do not wish to read a long message can stop here. For others, what I write below is not for self-aggrandizement but to show to the practicing initiate and the discerning seeker how the mystery of the Divine unfolds as one practices more and more, and to maintain a record of the frontiers of human consciousness that science will gradually unfold in the years to come. 

Last year I turned 33. Sometime between the years 24 to 27 (I think), being a spiritual zealot at heart and being naïve, I set a deadline for myself that by the time I am 30 years of age, I will overcome all my limitations, desires and shortcomings. Of course, that never happened. In fact, I am working on myself even today. However, through continued intensity and lots of help from the Divine team to recover from the many diversions along my journey; this spiritual passion blossomed to a certain maturity last year. 

I was blessed with the realization of the “Kuthastha Chaitnya” or “Christ Center” multiple times, visions of the Mother Mary in Her pink robe for three nights, glimpses of Jesus as Christ in His blue robe (and He doesn’t have blond hair!), a blessing touch from the Shirdi Sai Baba, “darshan” of Lord Vishnu on Garud and as the four armed God as creator, the guiding and guarding presence of my own great Gurus Shri Yukhestwar, Lahiri Mahasaya and Mahavatar Babaji (as one of His projections). 

I also met some extraordinary Masters, like Gururaj Siddhanath, last year and visited some highly empowered temples. With each visit I felt strengthened from inside. And to silence my curious mind, I saw my own Guru Shri Vijay Bansal, walking in so called “flesh and blood” on a street of Charlotte, North Carolina. Coupled with these experiences were the plunges I made into Infinity itself. I slept and then I woke up in Eternal silence which for the sake of spiritual timing I will not detail in this article today. 

I had had some of these experiences in prior years also but last year was more personal.

 Not all experiences were pleasant – through this journey I had to face the Devil and the Time (“Kaal”) , as the Grim Reaper, itself which hovered in my hotel room and in my backyard waiting for my defenses to weaken or maybe just paying a visit. 

I also realized that the biggest threat to our liberation is from our own self. 

This journey was not was not just my own. My wife, Parul, also went through her own spiritual evolution - sometimes pleasant and sometimes painful. She braved many physchic attacks by elementals to our house. (When we channel Divine energy into a “healee”, their negativities and the parasite elementals have to leave their host and, of course, the elementals are not happy about it!) 

Today our (my and Parul’s) state is such that as soon as we go to bed our astral bodies get to work – sometimes working on our own deep rooted Karma and at other times visiting our initiates and working on their Karma without our own mental knowledge. Receptive initiates have seen us in their dreams and have experienced the healing happen. 

All throughout, Sachin Bansal, my Guru’s son, has helped us in his own ways. Through his Aura Scans he made the spiritual guidance actionable and through his Energy Instruments, he made the Divine Energy accessible to many households. As an example, as soon as many initiates installed the “iProtection” Yantra in their home, they noticed that they slept better. Users of the spiritual healing card saw improvements in the conditions that they wished to heal such an increase in business leads. 

Never before, have I seen such a direct impact of the transcendental spiritual field on the perceived concrete life experiences of the seeker. 

Last year was the first year I did a distance initiation where the receptive initiate saw the effect of initiation procedure from hundreds of miles away. Interestingly enough, around the same timeframe another initiate and a good friend sent me an article on an experiment done on “non localization” of photons of light. It was also the first year where I, after much deliberation, did a “mind walk” in one of my seminars where I entered the minds of the attendees of the seminar just to show them the glimpses of a “state without thoughts”. 

Many readers of this article, especially non-initiates, might dismiss my words as make belief. It is hard for an average entangled and engrossed mind to graduate from the rational faculty and activate the dormant intuitional faculty. Note that these experiences are not only my own. Many advanced initiates have gone through these experiences as well. Also, all practitioners, me included, have fundamentally become better and more secure human beings and have fared well in the “socially credible” areas of career, health and wealth. In fact, you may bump into one in a Starbucks café or one may sit next to you in an office cubicle and while your mind may not comprehend the sheer depth of his/her realization – you will nonetheless look at him/her and the energy surrounding him/her and ponder, “there is something in this person, some attraction, some kind of peace, some kind of self-security – I just can’t pin point it.” This, my friends, is the magnetism of God Itself that is created in the spiritual practitioner by virtue of Divine Grace. This is the magnetism that attracts health, wealth, happiness, wisdom, joy, relationships and spiritual awareness. A spiritual initiate falls sick only for a specific reason; he/she suffers hardships only for a higher purpose. At 33, when he looks back at his life, all pieces of the puzzle line up. 

This was last year. Now let’s look at the years ahead. 

In 2012, there will be an inflexion point for the human race – its traces will begin in 2010. Rational mind will gradually become an obsolete faculty. There will be such an overload of information that people who rely just on their rational mind will find it hard to absorb it all. People who will be able to evolve their rational faculty to their intuitional faculty, who will graduate from now obsolete time management principles to energy management principles will find success. 

We have come out of the “survival of the fittest” age and are in the “survival of the wisest” age. Soon, we will move into the “survival of the spiritual” age. 

No the world will not end in 2012. But 2012, as a friend of mine put it yesterday will be a “death of many emotions”. Children born from 2010 onwards, and especially from 2012 onwards, will have highly developed psychic and spiritual faculties – they will be more intelligent and intuitional than our generation has ever seen. 

Authors, writers and even scientists will be inspired to unravel the ancient sciences, rethink about religion, and decipher the ancient symbols. We are entering into an age of energy management and into an age where beyond emotional quotient, beyond intelligence quotient, one’s energy management quotient and one’s spiritual quotient will define success and happiness. 

This is all in preparation of the arrival of the next Avatar or incarnation a few hundred years from now. 

Till then, whether you are a believer or a non-believer, superstitious or an atheist, find your own ways to stop being a prisoner of your own mind and, while keeping your feet firmly grounded in the reality of bills, stock market, groceries, kids, heart breaks, promotions, loosen the cocoon of your mind a little so it can fly for a few minutes daily in the pursuit of, first, the brilliant light and, then, the featureless nothingness itself – from where it all started. 

Shailesh Kumar 

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