Dear Initiates, Seekers and Friends: 

Divine Heart Center wishes you a Merry Christmas! 

Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus who went on to become the Christ. 

But what does Christmas mean? Christmas is the “The (Holy) Mass of Christ”. The spiritually intuitive meaning of Christmas is “Full of Christ”, similar to the Sanskrit word “Krishna-may” (full of Krishna) or Anand-may (full of Joy). 

Let us, then for a few minutes forget the presents, the BOGO sales, and the festivities and be full of Christ. 

But then, what is Christ? Christ comes from the Greek word Χριστός (Khristós) meaning “the anointed one”. The anointed one in the secret spiritual parlance means the one who has seen the brilliant Star of the Christ Consciousness. This Star is seen after years of meditation right in center of the eyebrows (the third eye). It is also called “Kuthastha Chaitanya” in Yogic texts. Symbolically, this Star is the crown of the Yogi who is anointed by God Himself. Hence, the Christ is the anointed one. Jesus was Divinity descended on to Earth in human form. During his stay in India between the ages of 14 and 30, he became fully aware of the Christ consciousness within Himself. Therefore, he was Jesus, the Christ. 

The location of the third eye is also called the east side of the body. Have you ever wondered how could the three Magis have followed the Star in the east while they were travelling west? The three Magis came from the East, whereas Jesus was born westwards from where they came from. So, how could they have followed the Star in the east? The Magis were accomplished spiritualists of their times and God as the Father, the eternal almighty Consciousness, had communicated to them the advent of the Messiah through their third eye. Of course, there were some astrological and astronomical signs as well foretelling the advent of Jesus, who would become the Christ, but those were not what the Magi’s followed. 

So on this day focus on your east side, the point between the eyebrows, and connect with the Christ so that he may show you the way. Also, pray to Mother Mary, Reiki or unconditional love personified, who gave birth to Jesus. Don’t let her stand in the background. Christ is the anvil of creation and Mary is the Divine attraction that keeps the creation together. One who knows them both knows the Father and masters His Kingdom.

 All the best, 

Shailesh and Parul