Dear DHC World Community,

As the year 2021 draws to a close, I would like to give a special thanks to all the teachers of the Divine Heart Center who selflessly guide daily meditation sessions to encourage all other seekers and initiates to meditate.

The DHC masters and teachers do a noble work of the highest order to wake up the sleeping soul-potential in everyone. The Divine consciousness thanks them and acknowledges their work. In 2021, more than 265,000 minutes of meditation were delivered, more than 2700 orders of free events were processed through the website. More than 5600 participants attended our virtual meetings and more than 980 events were conducted. These are impressive stats - a testament to the fervor, faith and finesse with which the DHC team has operated to guide seekers and other fellow initiates for the latters’ own benefit. Of course, when we help others, we are uplifted as well.
In the spirit of gratitude, a very Happy New Year 2022 to the DHC World Community. Be more consistent in your practice, don’t hop from place to place but find steadiness in one path that integrates them all.

- Guru Shailesh