I was in Vrindavan in India in September 2021. Vrindavan is best known as the region where Radha and Krishna spent their childhood singing, dancing and creating stories that exemplify God’s love for devotees. I met this young priest named “Ashu” who showed me around. Even though the landscape of Vrindavan is familiar to me as my childhood was spent in a larger city nearby, having a local guide you through the narrow alleys of Vrindavan is always exciting, reassuring and fun - all at the same time. 

Ashu spends some of his time feeding the street cows in Vrindavan. These cows have been discarded because they have either stopped producing milk or are bulls which are out of their job in cowsheds and fields.

If you have ever lived in Northern India especially the region around Mathura and Vrindavan, you would know the fascination that these gentle animals carry. Even the stray ones have an energy of calmness and patience and many reach out to humans to connect. Of course, once a while you see a crazy bull charging at an unfortunate subject in a crowded marketplace- a scene that is hilarious and tense at once!

Nonetheless, Ashu’s efforts caught my attention. Divine Heart Center has been helping him feed the cows through sponsorship of fodder. Here is a video of today’s feed. I love it when the cows hurry to claim their share and have a hearty meal.


- Shailesh