Recently I traveled to Mount Kailash with a group of extremely devoted DHC seekers. During this journey of a lifetime I experienced an eternal feeling of peace, divinity, non-attachment and devotion to God. I realized that all the material things I was running after are very minor and that the only real goal I have is that of liberation and merging with Divine. I also understood how many mental blocks, biases and misperceptions I have lived with. All of a sudden, many mental concepts started to break down and the real truth was in front of me. I could see the true nature and simplicity of God. I realized that all complexities of nature are illusions created by our mind. Suddenly I could see that Divine is perfect and all the suffering, pain and challenges in our life are part of God's plan. They are simply the tools to bring our ignorant souls closer to the Supreme. It was very hard for me to leave the Himalayas. I felt that I could renounce the world if only the Divine could show me that was my path. Then I had Divine's guidance that even though it is easy to lead a spiritual life in the Himalayas, the real challenge and Divine's plan is to have the ability to be in the "Himalayas state" in any place, circumstances or environment. The goal of a true Yogi is not only to visit highly spiritual places and absorb the energy from there, but most importantly, to create this energy within and help spread it in places where it is needed the most.


I pray for all the souls to advance on the spiritual path. The destination is one for all, just the speed of travel is different. We should strive to make an effort to move forward and find God.


Yoga is the science of personal contact with the Divine, spread in time available to all people across the world.