My father's Miraculous Recovery

There are various ways for Divine to bring his children closer.

For many of us the force of Maya is so strong that we mostly remember Divine in difficult times, while going through pain and suffering. When a disease strikes, the first question that comes to our mind is "God, why me, what have I done wrong?" At such challenging times, it is important to accept all events with gratitude. Have faith in God  and remember that everything happens in accordance with His will. Nothing is a coincidence, one should see Divine's message and seek higher purpose in everything.

I want to share a story of my father with the hope that not only will it inspire you to pursue spirituality but will also provide a perspective on challenges that we often face in life and its higher purpose. My father was born in Soviet Union where exercise of any religious or spiritual practice was strictly prohibited and severely punished by the communist party. This resulted in generations of atheists. Though my father admitted the existence of a higher power, at the time he was not interested in spirituality. He often questioned my mother's spiritual pursuit; it was difficult to even imagine that he could be convinced to join us for a meditation. Until one day, when he was diagnosed with a serious disease. This was a message from God to reflect on life and to see if anything was missing. It was time to reassess priorities and see if material goals still take the first place. It was an opportunity to find a place for God in his heart and open up to a spiritual practice.

Many people whose dear ones go through such tough experiences feel helpless, as they don’t know about the power of Divine Grace -  Reiki healing. I am the lucky one as I have a Guru - Shailesh Kumar who initiated me into the Reiki Raja Yoga path. I called my guru Shailesh for his guidance and he right away told me that my father needed a surgery and would recover. That gave us all a lot of faith and confidence.  Shailesh told me to teach my father the So Hum meditation. To my surprise my father was open to the idea. I taught him the technique, explained its benefits and soon my father started practicing it daily. Being analytical, he wanted to see the results right away, and so he started measuring his blood pressure before and after each meditation. The results were phenomenal – each time his blood pressure dropped by 15 to 20 points consistently. This strengthened his faith in the practice and encouraged him to continue. I did Reiki healing for my dad and felt grateful to my Guru and Divine for giving us these powerful tools. God sent us the best surgeon in Toronto and the operation was successful. During the recovery period my otherwise active father could not do much, which was very depressing for him. So I asked my father if he could paint a spiritual painting for my home temple. My father who had never painted in his life, was hesitant to try. We convinced him to first paint the image of Aum Tat Sat - a symbol of our spiritual organization, Divine Heart Center. He agreed and the result exceeded our expectations -  when the painting was completed it radiated powerful spiritual energy. Next, I asked him to make a painting of Mt.Kailash from the photo that I took during my recent trip. This time my father made a three-dimensional image of Mt.Kailash that looked so real. I can look at it and meditate remembering the transcendental experience of connecting with the Absolute that I had in Tibet. My father loved the process of painting and felt he was being healed while painting these holy images. He is now fully recovered and I am forever thankful to my Guru Shailesh, Divine, Reiki and Raja Yoga and all the people who were sending healing and prayers for his recovery.

We are sharing the pictures of paintings and my father will be happy to paint them for you.