Who are we?

There are 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe and 250 billion stars in the Milky Way. Here we are, just a tiny speck of dust with phones rotating each year around the sun, as the sun, itself, orbits the Milky Way. We are practically on a spaceship called Earth heading to...uhhhhhh….where are we going..?

Modern science knows so little of the infinite universe in 2018….Oh wait, 2019! Time moves pretty fast, doesn’t it? Mind boggling. We are T-I-N-Y. Yet, our tiny little worlds are so significant in our minds.

There is so much more to know and understand than what meets the eye. There is more to our existence than a 9 to 5, netflix-binging, vacation-going, and happy hour life. We have to zoom out from the material world in order to begin wrapping our heads around our existence, meaning, and purpose.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including us. Our consciousness is vibrating at a certain frequency, as we are alive  一 alive with energy! It is the energy that makes you, YOU and not someone else. The energy that has experienced your mother’s womb, will also be in your body until your last breath.

Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be transferred from one form to another. Therefore, our souls 一 our energy 一  must have its origin from somewhere. But where?

Who are we?

To understand the world around us, we need to understand the cosmos within us.

If we condition our brains to focus on its consciousness 一 exploring its origin and contents 一 we can transform our lives to its fullest potential. By raising our awareness, we can gain clarity to the questions that can make life so confusing.

Meditation is the training of our minds to increase our self-awareness. It is the exploration of the energy inside of us. It is the pathway from our world to the worlds beyond. Meditation is the most powerful tool of mankind.

Meditation and My Journey

People all around the world have been practicing meditation for thousands of years, with the earliest written record dating back to 1500 BC or earlier. Meditation has its roots in the ancient religions of India: Hinduism and Buddhism. Nearly all cultures and religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, as well as numerous other belief systems have adopted meditation in one form or another. Just as you practice Yoga without being a Hindu 一 one can reap the benefits of meditation regardless of his/her religious worldview.

I have been following the path of Reiki Raja Yoga Meditation with Divine Heart Center (DHC) for about nine years now. The program is designed to help busy individuals attain higher levels of self-awareness, while living a well-rounded, happy, healthy, and abundant life. It teaches powerful techniques untouched for thousands of years as well as other relatively newer practices inspired by the insights of Shailesh Kumar, founder and Guru of DHC.

I have personally gained countless benefits by being an avid meditator over the years. Some of the transformations I have noticed are the increased ability to:

  • Be present in the moment
  • Disengage from negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and insecurities
  • Prevent the cycle of anxious thoughts
  • Cultivate a positive and optimistic attitude
  • Remain mentally strong during tough periods of life
  • Handle stress and pressure without feeling overwhelmed
  • Have the drive to pursue new hobbies and achieve personal goals
  • Foster ambition in my professional career
  • Maintain a balance between work, family, friends, personal growth, hobbies, fitness, and fun
  • Stray away from judgmental attitude toward others
  • Nurture love, kindness, and forgiveness for self and others
  • Cultivate inner peace

These changes did not come overnight but were molded over a course of life experiences. It is meditation and the meditative attitude that planted the seed and accelerated my growth. I have reaped immeasurable blessings, one of which is having a Guru to guide me through my spiritual journey. My life continues to undergo positive transformations as I learn more about myself everyday. I am able to fulfill my worldly duties and desires, while building a stronger connection with the universe.

I want to spread the positivity of this amazing path in hopes of helping others seeking inner peace, self-awareness, or simply looking to accelerate growth in their life. I hope to inspire and educate individuals on the understanding of how building a deeper connection with themselves can make life easier and more meaningful.

In the upcoming blogs, I will be analyzing how meditation can result in:

  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Greater mental strength
  • Improved physical health
  • Healthy relationships
  • Holistic happiness
  • Self-realization

See you soon! :)