It was the morning of April 24, 2010. I was filled with prayers, grace in my heart, and some anxiousness for the day. It was the day of my first initiation into Reiki Raja Yoga. Shailesh and Parul had driven all the way from Boston to Fairfax to initiate me, my husband Ashish and my dear friend Indu. When we reached the meditation room, the room was filled with the sound of Aum. Shailesh was sitting with deep calmness and smile on his face. I could feel his presence and energy as soon as I entered.


Shailesh welcomed the group. One of the first statements made was that no event in our lives is a coincidence. Us being initiated into this specific group, had a link in our pasts. Parul started guiding us to Reiki Touch Healing. She approached each one of us and gave healing to a Reiki Point where she felt we needed the most. It was now time for our initiations. Each person was going to the initiation room one by one. When my turn came, I was extremely emotional. Parul initiated me into Reiki Raja Yoga level one. My heart felt unconditional love, unlike anything I had felt before. I hugged Parul after the initiation; tears were flowing as I had found something I had been searching for years or lifetimes. It was a moment, no words can describe. Rest of the session Shailesh and Parul gave us the meditations and techniques which we could use to heal ourselves. I am so grateful to divine for sending our gurus to us. It was a day which changed our lives forever.


We were told the first 21 days after the initiation were very important, as a lot of energy would get downloaded into our systems. We were advised to do complete touch healing and follow other techniques sincerely. We followed all the instructions our gurus gave us. It was unbelievable that we were able to find the time to practice in spite of our busy schedules.


In September 2010, we got initiated to level 2, along with our 15 year old daughter, Anshita. This was another blessing Divine showered on our family. Now we could practice as a family and share our healing experiences. Having our friends Sunita, Indu, and Gaurav helped us a lot in our journey.


It's been nine years since our first initiation and I can't imagine our life any other way. Doing spiritual practice has become my second nature. I meditate every day. While doing chores, commuting to the office, or attending meetings, I am able to use a technique to be in a meditative state.


In these 9 years, I have approached Shailesh and Parul so many times for a variety of spiritual, personal, family, and work related issues. Every time I approach them with an inner conflict, it heals instantaneously. I am able to let go immediately, a rare blessing to have.


I have grown personally, professionally and spiritually so much in these years. Life brings new challenges, but by being on this path, I am happier, more loving, courageous, tolerant and accepting. By guru's grace, I am able to share these blessings with others through teaching meditations, being part of sakha program or by just sharing the positive vibrations.


No words can justify our heartfelt thanks, but I want to thank Shailesh and Parul for accepting us to be their initiates, and their constant blessings and guidance.


Thank you Divine and Gurus


Aum Prem Brahm